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What to Expect: Custom Rugs for all Needs

Hard surface flooring options such as hardwood and luxury vinyl tile are gaining in popularity quickly in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  And with that jump in popularity, so has the popularity and need for area rugs of all shapes, sizes, and styles.  Due to that the range of options – color, pattern, edging, sizes, shapes, durability, feel, and materials – are practically limitless.   tuftex rug With that in mind, I thought it may be helpful to go over some of the options for full and semi-custom area rugs at Mercer Floors that we have in addition to a wide array of pre-made area rugs and runners.  For the purposes of this post, I grabbed three lovely and hugely popular options to use as examples to help provide an idea of cost range for a project like this depending on the durability, thickness, and style of the materials used. tuftex neutral rug Let’s say we’re looking for two area rugs for connected areas of the home – the living and dining rooms – that recently had a lovely new hardwood installed.  We’d like for them to look similar but with unique traits of their own to separate them and add to that custom look.  The dining room will need a rug that is between a 7’0” x 10’0” and 8’0” x 11’0”.  The living room rug needs to be approximately a 4’0” x 6’0” and we’re considering having it be cut into an oval octagon. shag rug For the sake of this post, let’s break it into three different scenarios:  
  1. You are looking for a neutral area rug with only a subtle textured pattern as there are other parts of the decor you’d rather highlight.
  2. You’d like to keep the overall pattern on the more subtle side of things but want to add that extra something to really create that custom look.
  3. You’re looking for both rooms to create that wow factor to catch visitor’s eyes when they walk in and tie together the entire decor.
custom stair runner natural neutral This kind of information is highly helpful to your Flooring Design Consultant at Mercer Floor + Home as she or he provides good recommendations for your new carpet.  The estimate that your Consultant would provide for this type of project typically includes the following:  
  • The carpeting to be used for your new rug as described below
  • Our premium, slip-resistant rug padding
  • The edging materials as described below
  • The cutting, shaping, and fabrication of your rugs
  • Our White Glove Delivery package
    • Delivery
    • Movement of 2-man furniture as needed
    • Laying out of the rug and its padding
  • A carpet care kit including effective spot treating tools and cleaners
  For the purposes of this post I selected three options.  One each to fit the scenarios described above to help show you a full range for the scope of this type of project:
leather rug edging

Leather Edging

Scenario 1: Masland’s Rio Grande with classic tape binding
  • A classic cut and loop carpet with a subtle geometric pattern and two-tone color scheme
  • Made from high quality nylon with great stain treatment to increase durability and ease of maintenance
  • Both area rugs, including sales tax, padding, and delivery – as described above – would currently total only $1,260.00!
cotton rug edging

Cotton Edging

Scenario 2: Lee’s Studio Concert Hall with the edges wrapped with 5” of a coordinating cotton edging
  • A classic Greek-Key pattern with two colors to lend a little extra to the effect of the pattern’s appearance
  • Premium nylon with the best stain resistance available
  • Both area rugs, including sales tax, padding, and delivery – as described above – would currently total only $2,310.00!
solid color rug border

Solid Color Border

Scenario 3: Stanton’s Capella with attached coordinating border and serge binding
  • A lovely traditional pattern with lovely, versatile color options
  • Made from premium, solution dyed royaltron polypropylene for superior durability and stain resistance
  • Both area rugs, including sales tax, padding, and delivery – as described above – would currently total only $4,370.00!
custom rug and stair runner

Custom Stanton Area Rug with coordinating Runner

No rug project is the same.  Though the ones described in this post are considered typical based on our almost 2/3rds of a century of experience.  What’s unique of the past decade or so is that more and more people are looking to put a unique spin on their home.  This helps them make it their own instead of a cookie-cutter house.  
custom shaped rug

Custom Shaped Area Rug

Here are some other details that could change how your carpet project could turn out different than the project in this example:
custom area rug

Tri-color bordered rug

  • You select upgraded carpet options
  • You select upgraded edging options
  • Your rugs need to be different sizes and/or shapes
custom area rug I hope this is helpful as you plan your next home improvement project.  Of course there are options out there that provide different looks, different durability levels, and different investment requirements.  If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com!   I’m here to help you find the best floor option for your home.  

Warm Wishes,

Katlin Farrell Choate



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Special Notes: The pricing provided in this post is based on the details provided and costs at the time this was written (May 2016). Prices are subject to change based on material and labor costs, the specials available at the time, and the needs of each individual project.