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New LVT Floors: What to Expect

luxury vinyl plank lvt grey taupe Luxury Vinyl Tile and Planks have been successfully storming the floor covering market.  And it’s no surprise once you are familiar with what they can provide a busy household.  Quality LVT products offer a high level of peace of mind in addition to lovely stone, wood, and other design options.  
invincible evp luxury vinyl plank wood

Invincible H20 EVP

Because of its ever growing popularity, suppliers are providing an increasingly wide array of design and performance options for homeowners to choose from.  Due to this, I wanted to go over what is involved in the typical luxury vinyl tile (LVT) project.  I even grabbed three lovely options to use as an example to help provide an idea of cost range for a project like this.
armstrong alterna reserve lvt slate

Armstrong Alterna Reserve Tile

Let’s say we’re working on a basement recreational room.  It was previously unfinished and totals about 250 square feet.  There is no floor to take up, no furniture to move, and minimal unevenness in the concrete base.  The doorways in this room include the sliding glass door to the back yard, one door to an unfinished utility closet, and a standard sized door to a space that’s being made into a guest suite.  When we come in to install, we are the last part of the project except for maybe the painter.
armstrong alterna lvt bathroom

Armstrong Alterna Tile

You want a floor that you and your family can love for a long time because there are no plans on selling the home within the next 5-10 years.  This is the kind of information that your Flooring Design Consultant at Mercer Floor + Home uses to provide good recommendations for your new LVT floor.  It is also extremely helpful if they know how you use the space, what you’d like everything to look like when complete, and what budget range you are looking to work with for for your new floors.
mannington adura lvt vein cut stone

Mannington Adura Tile

The estimate that your Consultant would provide for this type of project typically includes the following:
armstrong alterna lvt rectangle

Armstrong Alterna

  • minor subfloor prep to minimize standard lumps and bumps
  • our Healthy Living subfloor preparation which includes the vacuuming of your subfloor with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner AND treating it with a salt-based anti-microbial mist
  • the recommended adhesive and grout
  • straight-lay installation of your new floor meeting strictest industry installation recommendations by our very own master level installers
  • the new luxury vinyl tile (I go over three lovely options below!)
  • white shoe-molding around the walls
    • to help lengthen the walls while making sure that the expansion gap is plenty covered
    • the drywall and baseboard have been installed prior to our arrival
  • wood transition pieces to be used to frame…
    • at the door to the guest suite
    • at the door to the unfinished utility closet
  • a luxury vinyl care kit including
    • a large and easy to use swivel headed dust mop with a reusable cover
    • a manufacturer’s cleaner for the occasional sticky spot and deep clean
mannington adura plank maple light

Mannington Adura Plank

For the purposes of this post I selected three beautiful, durable, tile designed LVT floors to help show you a full range for the scope of this type of project:
adura plank rustic

Mannington Adura Plank

  • Mannington Adura 16” x 16” Luxury Vinyl Tile:
    • The industry leader in superb quality and stunning designs!
    • This project calls for 13 cartons or 277.29 sq.ft.
    • For this project, this would typically total $6,000 including everything described above
    • With our current sale, you would be able to save a total of $2,400 on this recreational room floor!
  Invincible H20 EVP
  • Invincible H20 Enhanced Luxury Vinyl Planking:
    • A perfect option for areas that see moisture and swings in temperatures!
    • This project calls for 14 cartons or 272.16 sq.ft.
    • For this project, this would typically total $5,050
    • With our current sale, you would be able to save a total of $2,000 on this recreational room floor!
VeroStone Engineered Stone  
  • VeroStone Engineered Stone Tile:
    • A lovely combination of ceramic and vinyl to give you the best of both worlds!
    • This project calls for 11 cartons or 273.79 sq.ft.
    • For this project, as described above, this would typically total $6,200
    • With our current sale, you would be able to save a total of $2,500 on this recreational room floor!
No luxury vinyl flooring project is the same.  Though the one described in this post is considered typical based on our almost 2/3rds of a century of experience.  What’s unique of the past decade or so is that more and more people are looking to put a unique spin on their home.  This helps them make it their own instead of some cookie-cutter house.   luxury vinyl plank Here are some other details that could change how your recreational room (or other space) could turn out different than the project in this example:
  • furniture needs to be moved
  • an underlayment is needed
  • an existing floor needs to be removed
  • more or less transition pieces are needed
  • shoe-molding that blends with the floor instead of the baseboard
  • new baseboard for a more custom look (we have 6” tall baseboard options available)
  • there is an annoying squeak (or lots of squeaks) that you would like us to reduce
  • a patterned installation
luxury vinyl tile lvt And the best way to finish off a room is the perfect rug to tie everything together!  Your Flooring Consultant can help you with ideas and suggestions on how to make that dream of yours come alive with our large selection of pre-made and custom area rugs and runners! area rug I hope this is helpful as you plan your next home improvement project.  Of course there are options out there that provide different looks, different durability levels, and different investment requirements.  If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com!   I’m here to help you find the best floor option for your home. Warm Wishes, Katlin Farrell Choate katlin@nullmercercarpetone.com Was this helpful for you?  Get more like this in your inbox, newsfeed, or where you prefer at the links below… Subscribe to our monthly eNewsletter Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Houzz Follow us on Google+ Special Notes: The pricing provided in this post is based on the details provided and costs at the time this was written (February 2016). Prices are subject to change based on material and labor costs, the specials available at the time, and the needs of each individual project.