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Flooring Myth: Carpet is a Bad Choice for Allergy Sufferers

Actually, the fact is that dirty carpet is a bad choice for allergy sufferers.

How long as it been since these people vacuumed?

Carpet fibers, just like any other soft material such as clothes, upholstery, and curtains, act like air filters by collecting many air pollutants.  Result: cleaner air in your home.

But yes, if those pollutants stay trapped in the fibers they are likely to get kicked back into the air when the fibers are disturbed.  So, just like you would clean your air vents and replace your air filters, you need to clean your carpet (and any other soft material in your home) on a regular basis.

But, why does this myth occur if it’s as simple as regular vacuuming?  Sadly, most people do not vacuum enough or the right way.  Here’s what I was taught when growing up by my parents (the owners of Mercer Carpet One).

1) Vacuum high traffic areas (hallways, stairs, busy rooms, and the main ‘pathway’ in a room) at least once a week; other areas need to be vacuumed at least every two weeks.

2) When vacuuming, go over the same area in four different directions (north, south, east, and west or left, right, forward, and backward) to make sure no allergens remain lurking in a hidden part of the fiber tufts.

3) Don’t rush it. What kicks up more leaves and twigs, a sudden burst of wind or a strong, steady wind?

Here are some other tips to help keep the irritating air pollutants out of your home.

~ Why not make it easier on the various filters throughout your home by adding air purifiers?

I just thought that this living air purifier was a great update to a product that ususally is designed to look so cold

~ Next time you have your carpet replaced, have it installed with a healthier installation method: Healthier Living Carpet Installation System

Defining a Healthier Way to Install Carpet

What are some of your tips on how to keep a healthy home?  Do you have kids with asthma?  If so, how do you help them breath while at home?
As always, if there are any questions (or ideas), please let me know! Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com Facebook.com/MercerCarpetOne Twitter.com/MercerFloors

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    Eya Edwin


    All kinds of things and techniques have it’s own merits and de-merits. This way flooring techniques might have some merits and de-merits for thier regular users. That’s the post is one of the informative one. Thank u for posting. Keep posting.

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    Katlin Farrell, Mercer Carpet One


    Hello Eya! Thanks for reading my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. If there are ever any questions I can help you with, please let me know!

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