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[Did you Know] Carpet Has a Perm?


I’m not kidding.  Carpet indeed has a perm.

As in the carpet fiber have been twisted into tufts and those tufts have been heat set in.

The higher the number of twists per tuft and the better the heat setting, the better the carpet stands up to being walked on.  This is what the Manufacturer’s Texture Retention Warranty is based off of.

Carpet that has lost it’s ‘perm’ 
The first place you usually see lost of the texture retention (a.k.a. perm) is going to be the stairs and the hallways will not be far behind.  Most carpet texture retention warranties don’t even cover these areas (don’t worry, there are two lines that do!)  Thankfully, there is a way that you can help reset that perm.

That’s right, heat is the key.  Moist heat to be exact.

Just like humidity plays with the curls in your hair, hot water extraction helps bring the curl back to your carpet’s tufts.

No, I’m not telling you to go out and buy/rent a carpet cleaner.  Those don’t get hot enough (just like your hair dryer isn’t hot enough to reset your perm).  You’ve probably heard that all carpet manufacturers require you to have your carpet professionally cleaned every 18 to 24 months, even if they aren’t dirty.

There are two reasons to have your carpet professionally cleaned:

  • a good deep clean
  • reset the perm
The commercial machines get the water to the high temperatures needed to reset the twist.  Hence why the rentals will not cut it and are frankly overkill for regular and frequent maintenance (plus, your carpet takes longer to dry when these are used which can cause the backing to break down quicker and potential health risks).

Note: please do NOT purchase any additional stain protection from professional carpet cleaners.  Most fibers don’t need it and half the time the protection doesn’t dry right and leaves a tacky residue that just attracts dirt.
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