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Great Big Rug Drawing: A Winner Every Day!

free rug drawing win
I am super excited to tell you about this great free drawing that Mercer Floor and Home is running March 1st-21st:
  • Every work week day (Mon-Fri), one random winner per showroom will be selected to win a small area rug or runner (up to 30 square feet)!
  • Every Saturday one random winner per showroom will be selected to win a large rug (up to 100 square feet)!
  • PLUS: on Sunday, March 22nd one random winner will be selected for the Grand Prize at our booth at the Carroll County Home Show!
The Grand Prize is a high quality large area rug, with quality padding cut to fit, and a care kit!  (More details to come!)

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Product Review: Lee’s Studio Carpeting

So, you may or may not have seen my previous post about Titanium level Relax it’s Lee’s carpeting, but I now get to talk about a new carpet line that expands upon the Lee’s collection of carpet for the home!
Like the Relax it’s Lee’s, Lee’s Studio 1846 is good enough to be covered by our Titanium warranties including…
  • Stain Proof for 25 Years – no exclusions, no exceptions, guaranteed! (I’m really not kidding!)
  • Texture Retention (including stairs and hallways) Guaranteed for at least 25 Years (no permanent crushing or matting)!
    • With upgraded padding, the life of the carpet is doubled thus lengthening the Wear and Texture Retention Warranties to 50 years!  Oh, did I mention we build that into our regular package with these carpet lines?
  • Beautiful Guarantee – if you do not love the look of your new carpet, we will replace it no questions asked for free (we just need to be alerted and be able to submit the claim within 4 months of installation)
  • Installation guaranteed for the life of the carpet – yup, for at least 25 years we guarantee the work of our master certified crews (Oh, and our crews aren’t strangers we subcontract at random; these are our installers!)

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Have the Power to Save Your Carpets at Your Fingertips

Guess what I just found?  I may be a bit too excited.  But I’ll let you decide.  Have you ever have a spill happen (or one that you discovered later) and you weren’t sure how to get it out?  I know I have!  Thankfully, I’ve got industry experts who are just an email or call away to help me.  And now, you can have just as convenient access to expert advice!

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Wanted: Guest Posts from Local Businesses


I’m more than a little biased.  But I’m okay with that.  Supporting small, local, family businesses is important to me.  I’d like to think that my readers, you, agree with me.  So, with that in mind, I’d like your help.

I am looking to host informative guest posts on anything related to the home by people working and living in the central Maryland area especially those in Carroll, Baltimore, and Howard Counties.  Interior design, landscaping, home insurance, energy efficiency, appliances, furniture, paint, artwork, home health, home safety, and exterior design are just some topics that I would be interested in hosting.

So, if you are interested in some free, online, targeted advertising that people read (my blog averages about 200 readers per day!) send me an email (katlin@nullmercercarpetone.com) with your post attached in a Word file.  Please have it at least 250 words, focused on being informative, and include a short introduction about you and your business.  Plus, if there are any images you would like to see included in the post, please attach them to the email as well.  Note: I allow two in-text links to a website of your choice so take advantage of a great way to get people to visit your business’s website!
As always, if there are any questions (or ideas), please let me know! Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com Facebook.com/MercerCarpetOne Twitter.com/MercerFloors

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How to Choose the Perfect Backsplash


No matter where you want that extra little something – kitchen, bathroom, or an accent wall elsewhere in your home – backplashes are a great way to add depth, dimension, color, pattern, and texture to the design of a space.  And since I know that, while I find playing with colors and patterns and textures immensely enjoyable, it often feels overwhelming; so, here are the steps I take when helping a client choose a backplash.

Step 1:  What is the Atmosphere?

No matter what room/space you’re considering putting the back-splash in, the atmosphere of that space needs to be considered.  Is it more formal or more casual?  Does the style lend itself more towards contemporary or more traditional?

Neutral colors and natural materials, like stone and metal, lend themselves to both traditional and modern settings as well as a lot of styles, so these are great options to consider especially if you’re worried about trends fading out.  Glass is a wonderful idea to be used as an accent piece or to be mixed in with stones.

Step 2:  Where is it Going?

How will the space nearest the back splash be used?  Will it be near a ‘messy’ area like a sink or stove?  Or will it be in an area that doesn’t see lots of splashes or other oopsies?  Will you be touching it on a regular basis or will it be more like artwork on the wall?

If the back splash is in an area that is a messier than normal area like a shower or near a stove, think of clean-ability as well as camouflage.  For example: if you like the look of glass, but don’t want to see every speck of soap scum, try frosted glass.

Step 3:  Should it Lean More Light, Dark, or Medium?

What is near it that isn’t changing.  Thankfully paint is easy to change out, cabinets aren’t however.  For example, in a kitchen, if you have dark cabinets and go with a mid to light backsplash.  If you have light cabinets go with a mid to dark backsplash.  Contrast is always good as it adds depth and interest, plus you’re going to want your beautiful new backsplash to shine!

However, in the right setting, don’t be afraid to break the ‘rules’ for a stunning effect like shown below.

Step 4:  What Colors Will it Be Working With?

Again, first take into account the pieces that aren’t changing like big pieces of furniture, counter tops, cabinets, fixtures, etc.  Then focus on pieces that you love and would love to decorate a space around.  Is there a hint of green that you’d like to focus on a bit more?

Step 5:  What Pattern?

Thankfully mosaics build that in, though you can choose which direction to run them (maybe run a rectangle on a diagonal vs. straight?)  But if you’re working with larger pieces like 3″x6″ pieces or 6″x6″ pieces you should think about patterns simple and complex.  Which pattern will enable the back-splash to add the dimension it needs to the space?

Step 6:  Any Texture?

Do you like the sleekness of glass or metals?  Or would you rather the rougher texture of stone?  When it comes to texture, don’t forget clean-ability depending on where it is going!  Stacked stone is beautiful but would be a trap for oil behind a stove.

Remember: natural stones should always be sealed (typically prior to installation)!  Due to minimal wear it will take years for a good seal to wear off (a good way of checking is taking droplets of water and seeing if they bead up or soak in.)

Step 7:  Will It Need Accent Pieces?

If you’re going with something that is simpler overall, think about throwing in an accent piece or medallion.  Liners are a nice way to frame a design out or add dimension without going too flashy also.

A good thing to keep in mind when choosing if and where you want accent pieces is your line of sight and neighboring architectural details (like stove hoods).

Step 8:  How Will It End?

Will the backsplash end at an inside corner, allowing the architecture of the home to act as a frame?  Or will it end at the edge of a countertop or at an outside corner?  Does it need a frame to cover any raw edges or will the nature of the product eliminate that need?

Step 9:  How Will It Work Around And With Existing Finishes?

Is there a window to keep in mind?  Built in?  Vanity?  Shower door?  Mirror?  Architectural details?  How will you want the backsplash to work with existing finishes like those?

What a great idea: a shelf behind the stove!

I hope this helps!  Do you have any tips that I missed?  Any questions I can help with?

Have Fun,

Katlin Farrell
Flooring Consultant
Mercer Floor and Home of Ellicott City, Maryland
As always, if there are any questions (or ideas), please let me know! Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com Facebook.com/MercerCarpetOne Twitter.com/MercerFloors

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