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5 Steps to a More Luxurious Room

luxurious room den library
There are many reasons why you would want a more luxurious room as…
  • you want to impress the in-laws, boss, neighbors, etc
  • you want to pamper the family and yourself
  • you’re staging the space for potential buyers
Here are 5 ways you can instantly increase the luxury factor in your home no matter if you want a more casual or more formal home:
1: Contrast
luxurious room balcony
Light and dark, shiny and matte, hard and soft…all of these contrasts add drama and a sense of richness to the space.  And, like in the example above, you can work with many different types of contrast.  In the deck room shown above the bright white trim contrasts against the black wrought iron features, the shiny mirror contrasts against all of the other matte finishes, the soft cushions contrast against the sleek lines of the hard-surfaces such as the porcelain ceramic floor tile. 2: Metallics
gold iron metal finishes home design
From matte wrought iron to glossy silver, metals in decor have always added a sense of luxury and wealth to a space.  And be sure to mix and match!  The picture of the living room shown above shows how they’ve mixed wrought iron and gold into their decor! 3: Long Curtains
home design luxurious room
Using long curtains installed above your windows creates the feel of taller ceilings, larger windows, plus the extra cloth can soften the space and provide some contrast against harder surfaces used. 4: Wooden and Stone Surfaces
wood stone luxurious room design
Mixing wood, stone, and other natural materials ads a warmth and richness to a space that nothing else can.  There is no need to go ornate unless you want.  And they also lend themselves to subtle patterns that can add a lot to a space such as the herringbone shown in the hardwood above.  Tile mosaics and countertops are great ways to add that stone element. 5: Area Rugs and Runners
rug runner luxurious room
Plus, if you have a hard surface floor, you can very easily add rugs and runners to define spaces, create focal points, add contrast, tie design elements together, and so much more!  Plus, this allows you to add another natural finish: wool.  (Read about wool and allergies here.) How do you add luxury to your design schemes? Have Fun, Katlin Choate katlin@nullmercercarpetone.com – See more at: http://blog.mercercarpetone.com/2015/05/5-steps-to-more-luxurious-room.html#sthash.QRGJ8XI1.dpuf

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10 Ways to Create a Unique, Designer Floor


Everyone is different.  So I believe that each home should be as well so it says to all newcomers ‘Hey! Welcome to Jo’s and Jane’s home!’  Many facets of home design can help with this and I’ve touched on them occasionally in previous posts (such as Designing with Stories and How to Use the Trending Colors of Spring 2012 with Classic Style).  Today I’m going to focus on adding personality to a floor (with an emphasis on flooring that is installed in planks or tiles such as hardwood, porcelain, stone, laminate, cork, bamboo, leather, or even luxury vinyl tile).

1: Borders and frames ~ 

A boarder or frame is an easy way of adding a little special something.

It can be especially nice if you have a room with a unique shape or a room that could use some defining from other areas in the case of an open floor plan.

Borders can be as simple…

…or as complex as you want.

They can even be combined with other design aspects such as medallions!

2: Medallions ~

Medallions can be professionally stenciled on during a sand-in-place or sand-n-finish.

Or expertly installed with the floor by using either pieces cut on site or special ordered designs.  Like borders they can be ornate or simple depending on your preference for the style of that space.

They also can be incorporated into ‘area rug’ designs.

3: ‘Area rug’ patterns

In-layed ‘area rug’ designs can be as ornate as a Persian Rug or as simple as a frame around a dinning room table.

Often people decide to do a pattern inside the ‘area rug’ while doing a straight lay installation on the outside such as in the picture below.

It can even be a great way to mix ceramic and hardwood or other materials!

4: Diagonals

If you don’t want to go overboard while doing something different, diagonal installation is a great option.  Not as much extra product is needed and the installation is less time and labor consuming.

Plus it can be used in conjunction with a wide viarity of styles from trendy to classic and everywhere in between.

Diagonal installation can be used on it’s own or in conjunction with other design aspects like frames, inserts, and medallions.

One nice thing about diagonal installation is that it can create an optical illusion of a larger space by visually pushing the walls outward to a degree.

5: Patterns ~

But of course there are many other design patterns that can be utilized to add even a bit of a wow factor.

Herringbone is one of my favorite patterns.  Simple, classic, unique, and yet so underused!

Let your imagination run wild!  The options are endless.

6: Accessorize with custom vents ~

Why ruin the look of a brand new floor with standard metal vents?

Especially when you can have vents custom made to match?

They can come mounted on top of your floor or made to be flush for a high end completely custom look!

7: Accessorize with custom trims ~

With all of the options available you’re not limited to plain old quarter round or the builder’s baseboard anymore!

You can get trims to match your new floor…

Or mix it up!

8: Hidden accessories that wow ~

In addition to stone and ceramic, radiant heating can add luxury to any floor that can be floated (which includes many hardwoods, corks, laminates, and bamboos)!

Our system also comes with a programmable thermostat that enables you to have your floor heat up to a specific degree at a specific time (and turn off!)  So you no longer have to worry about a cold floor when you wake up nor about overheating your home when you’re not there!

9: Mix and match ~

Don’t forget that you can mix and match colors and materials like the hardwood and granite in the picture above!

10: Join the wild side ~

Unique flooring choices such as end-cut hardwood are another way to make sure your floor helps turn your house into your home.

Do you have any fun ideas?  I’d love to see pictures!

Also, as always, if there are any questions or concerns I can help with the comment section below and my email is katlin@nullmercercarpetone.com!

Warm Wishes,
As always, if there are any questions (or ideas), please let me know! Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com Facebook.com/MercerCarpetOne Twitter.com/MercerFloors

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[Industry Spy] “Stranded” Leather Flooring


No, I’m not kidding…there is such thing as leather flooring.  And it is actually VERY durable!

What they do is take previously used leather…

  • Leather belts
  • BMW leather seats
  • Leather shoes
  • Leather jackets
  • Leather upholstery
And recycle them into a highly durable floor suitable for even heavy traffic commercial situations.

They take the leather, grind it down (like they strand bamboo), mix it with resin, and bake under high pressure and heat. 

It’s available in 7″ wide planks (like hardwood) or tiles and can be either glued down or floated.

The flooring comes available in multiple different textures (smooth, distressed, and alligator texture) and many good neutral colors.  Plus, the manufacture will also create custom sizes, textures, and colors.

Oh!  And look at this!

Tiles are also available with stitching around the edges!  And yes, they also can cover walls!

Some of the benefits include…
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • High Durability
  • Very Unique Look
  • Sound Absorption
  • Warm Feel Underfoot
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Able to Install over Radiant Heat
  • Custom Options Available

And, you’re in luck, because Mercers is now carrying this new and unique flooring option!  Plus, it isn’t nearly as pricey as one would think.  Give me a shout out if this might be an option for you.

Also, if there are any questions, please let me know.  The comment section is below and, if you would like a quick and direct response, email is best (Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com).

What do you think about leather flooring?  Do you think it’ll be the next big thing?  Is it for you?
As always, if there are any questions (or ideas), please let me know! Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com Facebook.com/MercerCarpetOne Twitter.com/MercerFloors

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We’re Moving!


As a heads up to everyone here, the Ellicott City Showroom of Mercer Floor and Home will be moving up the street a couple blocks the end of April for a Grand Re-Opening on May 1st 2012.

We will be moving to the same shopping center as Bon Appetit Bakery…

Right next to the Hanover Bank, CVS, and Arbey’s.

Keep your ears peeled for the celebration event and sale!
As always, if there are any questions (or ideas), please let me know! Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com Facebook.com/MercerCarpetOne Twitter.com/MercerFloors

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Have You Ever Thought About Cork Floors?


I just realized that the only time I’ve posted about cork flooring is when I told you that Martha Stewart put it in her kitchen! Am I totally loosing it or what?

Well, now that I think of it, you’re probably thinking that I’ve completely lost it by even thinking cork can be made into a good floor covering option.  I mean, come on, isn’t that what they make cork boards out of?

Yup, we’re talking about the same ingredient here!  And, no, I’m not going crazy.  Cork is a great option for a floor!  Did you know there is a cork floor in the Library of Congress?

And, thankfully, there are many different design options than this…

or this…

Like isn’t this room stunning?

Or this one?

But what about the durability?  What if I told you there was a beautiful cork floor available that was backed by a Lifetime (for as long as you have it in your home) Residential Warranty and a 5 Year Light/Medium Commercial Warranty?

I’m not kidding. Almada Cork by USFloors is that high of a quality (and still less costly than many hardwoods)!  I bet I have your attention now, right?

Now, why would you possibly want cork in your home over…

  • carpet?
  • hardwood/laminate/bamboo?
  • ceramic/porcelain/stone?
  • vinyl?
Here are just some of the unique benefits of cork.
  1. Softer underfoot – because of the resiliency of cork you have a much softer floor underfoot.  This increases the comfort (and safety if you’re thinking about a children’s rec room or a kitchen).
  2. Highly sustainable – when harvested, the tree is not harmed at all and will be able to produce again very quickly PLUS all cork floors are actually made from the left over cork from the wine bottling industry.
  3. Very healthy – remember that Almada cork I told you about from USFloors? That holds a v.3 LEED rating and the highest Greenguard certification.
  4. Bug repelling – insects such as mites and termites (not to mention mold) really don’t like this floor.
  5. Fire resistant – due to its natural waxy characteristic (Suberin), it is very difficult to burn cork and when it does combust it doesn’t release any harmful gasses.
  6. Insulation – because of the pockets of air trapped by the unique cell structure of the cork, it is the best hard surface floor for insulation. If you like the look of hardwood/bamboo and other benefits of hard surfaces but are concerned about warmth and insulation, take a look at cork. The average R value (measure of insulation) of carpet is 1.4 and the average R value of cork is 1.2 while the average R value of hardwood/bamboo is 0.7 and ceramic is 0.25. This same property helps the floor feel warmer underfoot (or cooler in the warm months) and helps insulate against sound (hence why it is often used for music and entertainment rooms).

But where can cork be used? Anywhere in a home (restaurants also like it!)  Due to its durability it can be placed in high traffic areas of the home such as the kitchen.  And due to its high moisture resistance (remember, they use it to seal wine bottles!) it can also be used in half baths (we’re cautious about showers and bathtubs though a sheet of cork would be a good option), mudrooms, utility rooms, and entryways.

So, what are your thoughts?  Is cork an option for you?
Oh, and so you know about it’s popularity in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States (especially Central Maryland/the greater Baltimore region); I have now worked with 5 people who were considering a cork floor since November 2011!  Two of those clients have already had it installed (and it looks beautiful, they are completely thrilled), one just started her project but is dead set on cork, and the other two are between cork and hardwood.

If there are any questions, please feel free to leave a comment, call me at the office (410-480-0087), or send me an email at Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com!
As always, if there are any questions (or ideas), please let me know! Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com Facebook.com/MercerCarpetOne Twitter.com/MercerFloors

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