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Brand New: Soft, Strong, and Waterproof Tigressa H20!

tigressa h20
Tired of having stains come back after you’ve cleaned them?  This carpet is made in such a way as to prevent that from ever happening again.  The manufacturer, who has used this technology for some time in commercial situations like assisted living facilities, has made a water tight backing for this carpet collection.

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Great Big Rug Drawing: A Winner Every Day!

free rug drawing win
I am super excited to tell you about this great free drawing that Mercer Floor and Home is running March 1st-21st:
  • Every work week day (Mon-Fri), one random winner per showroom will be selected to win a small area rug or runner (up to 30 square feet)!
  • Every Saturday one random winner per showroom will be selected to win a large rug (up to 100 square feet)!
  • PLUS: on Sunday, March 22nd one random winner will be selected for the Grand Prize at our booth at the Carroll County Home Show!
The Grand Prize is a high quality large area rug, with quality padding cut to fit, and a care kit!  (More details to come!)

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Cutting Corners Isn’t Our Style


It doesn’t happen often, but I did recently get someone who insisted that I cut corners on her carpet project.  She wanted me to turn and piece carpet together.

Here’s why we have not, do not, and never will cut that particular corner (and many others):

  • Visual appeal is lowered (and that effect increases over time)
  • Performance is lowered (again, that effect increases over time)
  • Integrity is lowered

Our stance is simple: our name is always attached to any project we help with.  It might be in your home, your place of business, but it is our floor.  So, why would we want to do anything sub-par?  

We’d rather walk away from a project than cut any corner.  There are even certain flooring products and manufacturers we will not work with!

When my grandfather started Mercers, he chose to stick by his guns.  He was going to find the best way to do things, not just a good way, and that was the way he would always do it.  My parents chose to stand by his decisions when Mercers became their responsibility.  And I am proud of what my family has accomplished.  In today’s world, it is difficult to have a multi-generational family business that is able to stand by is principles and be able to follow through with its intentions like we’ve been able to do ever since 1959.

Here is my promise to you, a promise that my grandfather made, my parents made, and all the members of the Mercer Team will continue to make in the future:
  • I will help you find the best product for you, no matter what the situation
  • I will make sure that it is installed the best way possible
  • I will make sure the best materials are used
  • I will be with you ever step of the way so you can make informed decisions and feel assured that we will follow through
  • I will make sure you know how to care for your investment into the future
  • When we make a mistake (we are human, mistakes will happen), I will make sure that it is fixed
  • No one in Maryland can beat my value. Period.

I would like to extend an invitation to you.  If you are working on a home remodeling project of any scope,  please ask me any questions you may have.  

If it is related to design, I can provide my personal opinion with my training and background.  

If it is related to any flooring work, I have the experience of Mercers to help me answer (and I’ll tell you how we would do it); same with stair refacing, custom tile work, railings, or countertops.

My email is Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com and my office number is 410-480-0087.
As always, if there are any questions (or ideas), please let me know! Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com Facebook.com/MercerCarpetOne Twitter.com/MercerFloors

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Carpet Padding 101


There is a saying: the padding makes the carpet.

To a point, that is correct.  Basically padding is to carpet as shock absorbers are to your car.  And there are multiple types: foam, rebond (recycled foam), synthetic hair and jute, and rubber.

The basic rule of thumb is the denser the pad, the more shock it absorbs instead of your carpet.  So, those pillowy soft pads, aren’t actually going to help your carpet perform better (if we’re just focusing on the density).  The density is represented in pounds usually, sometimes in ounces.

Also something to keep in mind is the thickness.  This is represented in inches.  7/16 inch thick is not typically considered viable to maintain the warranties of carpets.  Manufacturers tend to prefer 3/8 inch thick padding.

Also, be sure to take a look at the manufacturer guarantee.  One 9lb rebond padding might not be as good as another.  Also, if it is a rebond pad, make sure it is what’s called a virgin pad.  Many rebonds are made from recycled foam padding that has been in someone’s home.  However, virgin rebond pads are made from foam recycled from other industries; they last longer and are cleaner.

If you’re looking at a rubber pad, be sure you’re looking at one that is American made because if it is made outside of the USA it could have potential health risks, not be as durable, and could damage your floors.

Also, while this might now be a durability factor, a spill block will be a huge help in stress reduction and keeping a healthier home because it prevents spills from soaking down into the padding where you can’t get to them!

Another new thing that many pads are coming out with is antimicrobial protection.  Be sure you look into the type of protection because not all of them are equal.  The best in the industry is HealthinEx.  It’s widely used in other ways in the health industry and has been for years.  Plus, it doesn’t just help with germs!  It also kills and helps to prevent most molds, mildews, and even some potential allergens such as mites!

Hopefully this helps you when choosing a new carpet padding to go with your new carpet.  Please let me know if there are any questions I can help with!

Katlin Farrell
As always, if there are any questions (or ideas), please let me know! Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com Facebook.com/MercerCarpetOne Twitter.com/MercerFloors

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[Guest Post] How To Turn A Storage Space Into A Living Space


Having as much living space as possible is always a good thing. This helps to reduce clutter and family members being on top of each other all day. Taking a storage space and turning it into living space is a practical solution. This also does not mean that the storage space will cease to store things. You really can have the best of both worlds.

Attic to Family Room
Attics are really an overlooked part of a house. Many attics span the entire length of the house, making them rather large and ready to be a livable space.

The first step will be walls and flooring. Since this is becoming a living space, you do not want exposed insulation and weak spots. The walls can be made to look like the other walls in the house by simply hanging drywall and painting it. The same can be done for the attic ceiling. As for floors, depending on how your current floors are now (whether they are flat or just beams) this can be an involved job. With beams, you will have to lay sheets of wood and then the flooring. If the floor is already flat, laying flooring or carpeting will be the only step.

Once the shell is complete, all you have to do is furnish the area as you wish. If you still need the storage space, you can build a small storage room up in the attic, or simply install plenty of cabinets and shelving around the room.

Unused Garage to Living Space
A garage can really become anything. You can turn a large garage into an ultimate master suite, build a home office or just create a nice family room. The options are virtually endless.

The first step is to apply walls and floors. With the floor, you will want to raise it a few inches off of the ground. This is to prevent moisture seeping in and causing damage to your new digs. Once you build a small platform the raise the floor, you can lay any type of flooring that you would like. With the walls, insulation and drywall will get your walls looking like the rest of the house.

Next, is the large garage door. You can really do anything with this and as long as you leave something there, it will maintain its look on the outside of your home. Some opt to install a decorative door and then seal it well so that air and water are not getting in. Another option is large windows to bring plenty of natural light into the space. Large windows will also allow the room to have a modern feel.

Once you decide on what the room will be and have the walls, floors and garage door taken care of, it is time to furnish the space. Choose furniture that fits the type of room you intend it to be. If you did not install windows and your garage did not have any to begin with, be sure to incorporate plenty of light to keep the space bright and warm.

About the Author: Jillian Watkinson recently went through a huge personal remodeling where she spent hours searching for lots of different remodeling supplies. In her free time, she enjoys blogging and drinking strong coffee.
As always, if there are any questions (or ideas), please let me know! Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com Facebook.com/MercerCarpetOne Twitter.com/MercerFloors

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