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Flower-n-Jazz Festival + Big Carpet and Floor Sale!

Get ready!  Saturday, May 9th from 10am to 4pm on Main Street in stunning Historic Downtown Westminster of Maryland is our annual Flower and Jazz Festival!  There will be plenty of fun to be had with…
  • over 125 local flower, craft, and other vendors!
  • activities for the children!
  • live music on three stages!

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Brand New: Soft, Strong, and Waterproof Tigressa H20!

tigressa h20
Tired of having stains come back after you’ve cleaned them?  This carpet is made in such a way as to prevent that from ever happening again.  The manufacturer, who has used this technology for some time in commercial situations like assisted living facilities, has made a water tight backing for this carpet collection.

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Product Review: Lee’s Studio Carpeting

So, you may or may not have seen my previous post about Titanium level Relax it’s Lee’s carpeting, but I now get to talk about a new carpet line that expands upon the Lee’s collection of carpet for the home!
Like the Relax it’s Lee’s, Lee’s Studio 1846 is good enough to be covered by our Titanium warranties including…
  • Stain Proof for 25 Years – no exclusions, no exceptions, guaranteed! (I’m really not kidding!)
  • Texture Retention (including stairs and hallways) Guaranteed for at least 25 Years (no permanent crushing or matting)!
    • With upgraded padding, the life of the carpet is doubled thus lengthening the Wear and Texture Retention Warranties to 50 years!  Oh, did I mention we build that into our regular package with these carpet lines?
  • Beautiful Guarantee – if you do not love the look of your new carpet, we will replace it no questions asked for free (we just need to be alerted and be able to submit the claim within 4 months of installation)
  • Installation guaranteed for the life of the carpet – yup, for at least 25 years we guarantee the work of our master certified crews (Oh, and our crews aren’t strangers we subcontract at random; these are our installers!)

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Round 2 of the Softness Revolution!


You may or not remember me posting about a soft revolution in carpeting a couple years ago:

What had happened was that the carpet industry came across a new way of making carpet fibers.  Simply put: they ssssllllloooowwwed down the manufacturing process, greatly reducing the ‘split ends’ in the carpet fibers, and they also were able to make each individual strand much thinner so they could stuff more strands in each tuft of carpet fiber.  They were trying to increase the durability and stain resistance; it worked.  They also got the side benefit of super soft carpeting.

Guess what!  They did it again!

We have two brand new lines of carpet that is the softest carpet I have ever felt.  Think silky soft!

And each line includes multiple different styles from your classic plush and frieze…

To the cut-n-loop and other patterned carpets!

These carpets have our Platinum warranties (with a couple Golds also) which promise an excellent level of stain resistance and durability.

Want a personalized, private tour?  Let me know and I’ll be glad to show off our new toys. 😀

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