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55% Off Sale as We Celebrate Our 56th Anniversary!

Mercer Floors is 56 years old! Now in our fourth generation as a family business, Mercer’s was established in 1959 on Main Street in Historic Westminster, Maryland.  We are still at our original location and have been blessed enough to be able to expand with our second location in Ellicott City of Howard County, Maryland. mercer floors westminster maryland carroll county sale And to celebrate, we’re bringing back our anniversary sale!  55% off all… Plus, we have access to up to 36 month no interest financing. But our special prices for this sale don’t last long! Get your dream floor before July 3rd! no interest financing 0% sale

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Shiny New Website and Blog Feed!


new website mercer floor home carpet one

Looking to increase usability and ease of navigation with all types of web browsing devises, we recently redesigned our website.  Along with this redesign, this home design and living blog is now hosted as a part of the shiny new website: MercerCarpetOne.com.

shiny new website blog feed mercer floors

With that in mind, this is the last post to be posted on the original Blogger platform found at blog.mercercarpetone.com.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause; I promise it’ll be worth it.  Please visit MercerCarpetOne.com/Blog to subscribe to the new feed on our new website (it’s sooo pretty!)  All previous posts have been uploaded to the new feed.  If there are any questions, please let me know at Katlin@nullMercerCarpetOne.com! Have Fun! Katlin Choate

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Introducing Brand New Invincible H20 Flooring!

invincible h20 flooring
This brand new collection is also an innovative product that doesn’t quite fit into previous known categories.  As of now the industry is calling Invincible H20 Flooring an EVP or Enhanced Vinyl Plank.  It’s almost like a vinyl laminate plank but with out the water-fearing laminate core.  Oh, and by the way, it’s stunning!
invincible h20 flooring
Why is this Invincible H20 flooring option so unique?
  • water proof material from top to bottom
  • water tight locking mechanism for floating installation
  • high structural integrity so…
    • it will no expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature
    • it can be installed in three season rooms!
    • it can be installed over existing floors and rough subfloor such as…
      • ceramic and porcelain tile
      • rough and uneven concrete and wood subfloors
water proof invincible h20 flooring
It has both wood and stone styles plus a couple styles that imitate the popular stained concrete (but with much better performance)!  This floor would be an excellent option for…
  • bathrooms and kitchens
  • entryways and sun rooms
  • basements and mudrooms
and similar high traffic and high moisture areas in your active home especially if there are pets and young children.
pet proof invincible h20 flooring
The durability vinyl plank is enhanced during manufacturing by infusing ceramic into the protective wear layer,  Invincible H20 EVP is backed with our Titanium LVT (luxury vinyl tile) warranty which includes Lifetime coverage for…
  • Wear, Fade, Stain & Discolor
  • Rip, Tear, Gouge & Indent
  • Water
  • Locking system
  • Installation
Lifetime Waterproof and Pet Proof coverage establishes this beautiful and durable flooring option as the right choice for your active family.
kid proof invincible h20 flooring
The samples are an our two showrooms right now PLUS it is currently on sale!  Contact us today for your personalized tour and consultation.
Have Fun,
Katlin Choate

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Memorial Day Sale + Support Our Vets!

memorial day floor sale
Happy Memorial Day!  We hope you have fun plans for the weekend and will be able to spend quality time with your loved ones as we remember those who sacrificed everything for our freedom.
memorial day carpet sale
In celebration, Mercer Floor and Home has partnered with Carpet One International so we are able to offer some wonderful savings on flooring and carpeting for your home.  Plus, we also have some great 0% interest financing options!
no 0% interest financing
Through Saturday, May 30th, save 50% on carpet, hardwood, rugs, runners, luxury vinyl, ceramic, LVT, and more!
support troops veterans building americas bravest
Help us honor those who have come home changed forever.  Help us create customized homes to enable these disabled veterans to regain their independence.  Building for America’s Bravest builds smart homes; learn how you can help today. Happy Memorial Day! Katlin Choate katlin@nullmercercarpetone.com MercerCarpetOne.com

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5 Steps to a More Luxurious Room

luxurious room den library
There are many reasons why you would want a more luxurious room as…
  • you want to impress the in-laws, boss, neighbors, etc
  • you want to pamper the family and yourself
  • you’re staging the space for potential buyers
Here are 5 ways you can instantly increase the luxury factor in your home no matter if you want a more casual or more formal home:
1: Contrast
luxurious room balcony
Light and dark, shiny and matte, hard and soft…all of these contrasts add drama and a sense of richness to the space.  And, like in the example above, you can work with many different types of contrast.  In the deck room shown above the bright white trim contrasts against the black wrought iron features, the shiny mirror contrasts against all of the other matte finishes, the soft cushions contrast against the sleek lines of the hard-surfaces such as the porcelain ceramic floor tile. 2: Metallics
gold iron metal finishes home design
From matte wrought iron to glossy silver, metals in decor have always added a sense of luxury and wealth to a space.  And be sure to mix and match!  The picture of the living room shown above shows how they’ve mixed wrought iron and gold into their decor! 3: Long Curtains
home design luxurious room
Using long curtains installed above your windows creates the feel of taller ceilings, larger windows, plus the extra cloth can soften the space and provide some contrast against harder surfaces used. 4: Wooden and Stone Surfaces
wood stone luxurious room design
Mixing wood, stone, and other natural materials ads a warmth and richness to a space that nothing else can.  There is no need to go ornate unless you want.  And they also lend themselves to subtle patterns that can add a lot to a space such as the herringbone shown in the hardwood above.  Tile mosaics and countertops are great ways to add that stone element. 5: Area Rugs and Runners
rug runner luxurious room
Plus, if you have a hard surface floor, you can very easily add rugs and runners to define spaces, create focal points, add contrast, tie design elements together, and so much more!  Plus, this allows you to add another natural finish: wool.  (Read about wool and allergies here.) How do you add luxury to your design schemes? Have Fun, Katlin Choate katlin@nullmercercarpetone.com – See more at: http://blog.mercercarpetone.com/2015/05/5-steps-to-more-luxurious-room.html#sthash.QRGJ8XI1.dpuf

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